Croatian Bridal Traditions

Croatian bridal customs are distinctive and entertaining. Many of them involve rosemary, as it is considered a mark of welcome for the attendees. On each bride’s attire, the girls will wire a branch of parsley decorated with the Croatian flag. After receiving the rosemary, it is customary for guests to leave a donation ( often money ) in a basket.

As soon as the festival is over, all the attendees will line up outside of the religion and wait for the partners to come out. Then, they does thank the newly married couple by saying cestitam. A skilled photographer should also take a lot of pictures during this time.

Before the reception, there is a very critical practice that most lovers likely observe. The bride’s female cousins will remove the veil and cover her with an apron, which means she is now a partner. After that, everyone in the home may collect around a nicely and pour grapes into it. This custom is intended to ensure that the couple will soon be expecting a child.

The Croatian ceremony reception will be a fantastic evening of dance, meals, and rakija. People likely enjoy the pics taken by a professional shooter. The bride-to-be will have a chance to dance with her friends, and the maid of honor will keep a box for the guests to put income into to make a longer dancing with the wife.